Line 6 introduces the new Spider V Series

Line 6, Inc. has introduced the new Spider® V series of guitar amps, offering more than 200 amp and effects models, a clean and modern design, and a specialized full-range speaker system that’s ideal for both electric and acoustic guitars. Over 100 handcrafted presets provide instant access to a huge collection of professionally dialed-in sounds—including iconic rigs, artist-built tones, and Line 6 originals. Select Spider V models come wireless-ready, with an internal wireless receiver that is compatible with the Relay® G10T transmitter. Spider V is available in multiple configurations, from smaller practice models to gig-ready combos, enabling guitarists to choose the model that fits their performance needs.

“The original Spider amps offered the benefits of a quality modeling amp to an unprecedented range of guitarists, and we’re excited to continue that legacy with the release of the fifth generation,” said Marcus Ryle, President, Line 6. “Spider V is packed with innovative features, including amazing guitar amp and effects modeling, an easy-to-use design and a full-range speaker configuration. It’s more than just a great guitar amp, it’s the best Spider we’ve ever created.”

Spider V is packed with over 200 amps, cabs and effects, offering more models than any amp in its class. Guitarists can combine up to eight effects to create truly unique and innovative tones, while a powerful modeling engine delivers incredible sound quality. Guitarists can dial-in great sound quickly using simple color-coded controls and an intuitive editing interface.

Spider V features several types of inspiring presets, providing guitarists with instant access to professionally dialed-in sounds. Iconic Rig presets are based on studio setups from legendary songs and albums. Artist Presets were handcrafted exclusively for Spider V by some of the world’s most respected guitarists. Genre Presets make it easy for guitarists to find sounds that fit their unique creative style.

A full-range speaker system delivers outstanding sound quality and amazing versatility. Modeled amps and effects tones shine with stunning clarity, and guitarists can stream music through Spider V for a great way to jam and practice. Spider V also sounds great with both electric and acoustic guitars. Enhanced acoustic presets designed with Variax® acoustic technology bring out the best tonal qualities of acoustic guitar and offer exceptional depth and clarity that regular electric amps cannot match.

file_r17539Spider V is the first amp to offer a built-in wireless receiver, making it easier than ever for guitarists to take their performance wireless. Guitarists can simply add a Relay G10T transmitter* and start playing without any complex setup issues. Spider V is also loaded with extra features that enhance practice sessions, including a built-in tuner, metronome, and a collection of real drum loops recorded by professional drummers.

Spider V comes with access to a free download of Cubase® LE 8 music recording software, providing guitarists with all of the tools needed to record, edit, and mix professional tracks from start to finish. Spider V is equipped with a USB connection that enables guitarists to connect to a computer, tablet or smart phone and record guitar tracks into any recording app, without the need for any additional gear.

Finally, the free Spider V mobile app for iOS and AndroidTM provides access to over ten thousand guitar tones in the cloud. Guitarists can access custom tones from other guitarists around the world, or upload their own tone creations to instantly share with the entire Line 6 community.

More information available on Line 6’s website


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