LunaStone presents The Pusher boost pedal

LunaStone claims that where other boosters just make you louder, The Pusher takes a more refined approach to boosting by enhancing and focusing the tonal spectrum where your guitar lives. Turn it on and instantly hear your tone stand out with renewed clarity, definition and punch, as if you were pushing the tubes of a high-headroom amp, making it perfect for beefing up clean rhythm parts or making melody lines stand out.

However, if you wanna get dirty though,  The Pusher is the obvious choice for taking your tone from driven to blissfully wild. Crank it and slam it in front of your favorite drive pedals, or feed it straight into your already overdriven amp and get ready to hit the crowd with everything plus the kitchen sink. From crunchy blues rhythms to hard-hitting power chords and sizzling solos, The Pusher will give you exactly what you bargained for.

Now add True Bypass switching to the mix, so your core tone never gets corrupted, and you’ve stepped onto your new favorite sonic drug.


More information at LunaStone.


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