Stone Wolf Guitars presents the Catalyst 7


The Catalyst 7 is Stone Wolf Guitars’ latest model.

Based in Leicester (UK), luthier Mike Payne explains that “firstly this is our first “stock” 7 string model. We’ve been planning to make a 7 for quite a while but hadn’t decided how we wanted to go about it. The second thing that makes this stand out is that we went with a Resin / Wood hybrid design. This was a complete experiment and we had no idea how it would turn out. We ended up using about 18 litres of resin in the process and it took around 3 weeks to cast.”

Payne explains that the wood used is “Black Poisonwood” which is incredibly rare and that “they wanted to do something special to do justice to it”. To complement the natural copper colour of the wood, Stone Wolf Guitars selected a Schaller® Hannes bridge and Schaller® Grandtune® Tuners, both in Vintage Copper finish. The pickups are a pair of Bare Knuckle® Painkillers with a radiator cover in Battleworn Camo.

More information at Stone Wolf Guitars.


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