Samson Headphones presents the Z Series


Z55 Professional Reference Headphones

Designed for critical studio reference, the flagship Z55s deliver exceptional tonal balance and imaging with superior detail. Genuine lambskin cushioning, exceptional lightweight components and rugged, collapsible construction complete a superior fatigue-free listening experience.


Z45 Professional Studio Headphones

At first glance you’ll notice the striking chrome-accented design of the Z45s, complete with collapsible ear cups and lambskin pads for superior portability and comfort. When putting them on, be prepared for a unique listening experience. Their noticeably warm, wide mid-range response and spacious soundstage reveals sonic details not previously heard.


Z35 Studio Headphones

Leveraging Samson’s experience in designing professional studio monitors, the versatile Z35s feature a natural, flat response and collapsible ear cups with high-protein leather pads ideal for both studio and mobile field audio.


Z25 Studio Headphones

For musicians and music lovers who don’t want to sacrifice sonic quality for style, Samson’s Z25 headphones introduce a sleek, modern design with outstanding comfort and sound that is never overly hyped.

More information at Samson.


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