Positive Grid’s AI Drums for iPad coming soon


Positive Grid has announced that AI Drums drum app designed for the iPad will be available soon. AI Drums has been created as a songwriting tool providing the possibility of working with song structure, BPM and music style. The app will allow to change the feel of each drummer depending on your personal taste. AI Drums will look out for thousands of drum patterns and drum kits from the cloud and virtually match your songs. Positive Grid explains that the more you play with AI Drums, the more it will learn about your drum preferences.


AI Drums will let you play, write, and rehearse with a virtual drummer powered by the latest AI technology and machine learning. It works as follow: AI Drums listens to your guitar strumming and sorts out a matched drum pattern that best suits your compositions. You will be able to tap to record and the app will learn and play the right drum pattern.


AI Drums will give you instant access to dozens of cloud-based drum patterns created by professional drummers, plus thousands more created by the Positive Grid community. With a simple finger tap, an infinite cloud-based pattern library will be available to preview and download.

More information at Positive Grid.


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