Stone Wolf Guitars sponsors Metal 2 the Masses 2017


Stone Wolf Guitars has announced that it will be sponsoring the 2017 edition of Metal 2 the Masses Leicester. The British guitar maker was keen to do something to support the metal community in the Midlands, and agreed to become a sponsor after being contacted from the organiser of M2TM Leicester.

As part of the sponsorship, Stone Wolf Guitars will be giving away a guitar to one lucky guitarist that will be picked from the M2TM Leicester roster of bands. It has been clarified that the winning guitarist won’t necessarily be picked from the winning band of the M2TM.

The winner of the guitar will be announced just before the announcement of the band that goes on to play Bloodstock Festival.

M2TM Leicester will take place on the 5th, 12th and 19th of February 2017 at Duffy’s Bar in Leicester.

More about Stone Wolf Guitars.
More about Metal 2 the Masses Leicester.




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